Non-Profit Sites

About Us

Since 2001 (NPS) has been providing web-based solutions and web consulting services to its customers. NPS creates and develops cost-effective websites specifically for nonprofit associations and organizations. NPS is a small subsidiary of Octadyne Systems headquartered in Ames, Iowa with a second location in Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

We sell quality.
NPS works hard to be the better service. Our mission is to help you stand behind yours. And, Our quality work speaks for itself and for the nonprofit. We take pride in taking time to talk with you when you have questions and in serving your organization well.

We promise convenience and flexibility.
At NPS, we do understand the complexities and changing needs of the nonprofit organization. Our aim is to be a one-stop shopping convenience - one that maintains flexibility in serving your organization, tailoring our products and services to match your organization's needs.

We deliver solutions.
Recognizing that effective management, volunteers, donations, and media exposure are vital to the nonprofit organization's existence and sustainability, NPS builds first-rate websites, offering distinctive features designed specifically for managing the nonprofit association. NPS solutions result in employee turnover that is undetectable, a mission that is safeguarded, and an organization's integrity that remains intact.

Common Challenges

Some of the common challenges associations and non-profit organizations faces when the volunteer maintaining the organization's website leaves:

Does not know where the site is hosted
Does not have the login details to access the hosting
Does not know where the site was registered and when it
       is up for renewal
The current volunteer wants to redo the site using another
       software as he/she does not know the software currently
       in use
Our Solutions

Our software, designed especially for associations and organizations - takes care of all the above listed issues:

You do not have to purchase any software
You manage your website using easy-to-use tools,
       no programming is needed
You know your site is hosted by us and we will keep
       an eye on your upcoming domain renewal
We will train as many volunteers as needed and if they
       leave, we will train others – all it takes is one hour
You know who to call or email when you have a question
We will contact you if we noticed any issues on your