Non-Profit Sites


Members Management
Manage your organization's members, their dues, and their payment history with ease. Members can sign up online, update their profile, and access member-only sections.
Content Management
Manage the content of your website as easily as typing a document. You do not need any special software or programming skills to manage your content, our Content Management System is designed for non-programmers.
Event Management
Manage your association's next event from your website; register attendees, sign up for meals, allow non-members to sign up, and showcase event details on your website.
Minutes of Meeting
Sharing minutes of meetings of your board, committees, groups, adhoc committees, etc. was never this easy. This member-only section allows you to post minutes in MS Word or PDF format.
Calendar of Events
Display all important events of your association on the website. Show the events by day, week, or for the whole month. Display date, time, location and contact information for each event.
Press Release
Post all your press releases of your organization on the website, either in html format or a PDF document. Display your latest press release right on the home page.
Post all announcements of your association on your website - either on the home page or on a dedicated page. These announcements can either be in html format or a PDF document.
Post your association's newsletter on your website. You can either post the html version of the newsletter or upload a PDF version. You can share the newsletters with everyone or make them members only - password protected.
Posting and managing classified ads on your website was never this easy. Either the association can manage the ads or allow members to post their classified ads on the website.
Picture Gallery
Everyone wants to see the pictures of your last event. Creating Photo Gallery and uploading images to your website is now a snap, try it today.
Associations now can create accounts for staff members and volunteers. for additional security, each staff member can have restricted access to selected sections of the site.
Important Links
Share valuable websites and their addresses on your website using this nifty module. You can group websites into categories for easier navigation and use by your members.
Post important articles on your website, either in html format or as a PDF document. You can share the articles with everyone or make them members only - password protected.
Testimonial Management
Showcase testimonials on your website with ease and without any spam from third parties. Our Testimonial Management System makes adding testimonials to your website a snap.
Email Campaigns
Sending mass emails to your members was never this easy. Create groups for classifying members, schedule emails for automatic delivery, and send out test emails before final delivery.
Donate Now
Accept donations to your association or non-profit organization online. You can use PayPal, Google Checkout or any other e-commerce gateway to accept donations made to your association.