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The Announcement Manager, allows you to organize and post all announcements of your association on your website. You can display the announcement on a dedicated page, on the home page, or a combination where latest announcements are displayed on the home page while all announcements are available on the dedicated page.

These announcements can either be in html format or a PDF document. You can quickly add text and images/thumbnails using the built-in WYSIWYG editor and publish the announcement. It is as simple as that.

With our Announcement Manager you can add new announcements, update, prioritize the order and archive old announcements, efficiently. Keep your site visitors and members informed and engaged, and do it all effortlessly.

Manage Announcements on Your Association's Website
Organize and post all announcements of
      your association on your website
Post on the home page or on a dedicated page
Use HTML format or upload a PDF document
Quickly add text and images/thumbnails
Prioritize the display order
Archive older announcements