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Classified Ads

Members of your association can now post and manage classified ads on the website with our Classified Ads Manager. This is a powerful tool that allows members to manage the ads themselves. The ads can be available to only members or the ads can be made public.

Association staff has complete control over all ads and can remove or disable any ad that does not meet association’s policies.

“Classified Ads” is a value added service that helps attract and retain website visitors. Moreover, the classifieds section can create valuable user-generated content for your website. Our Classified Ad Manager makes the process of managing and adding classified content to your website simple and efficient. Adding more value to your website was never this easy.
Member Managed Classified Ads on Your Association's Website
Members can post and manage classified ads
Association can remove or edit any ad
Ads can be restricted for only members or can be
      available to all
Attract and retain website visitors
Create user-generated content for your website