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Manage Press Release

Press Release are an important tool for PR activities of any association or non-profit organization. Publishing press releases on website can be challenging and time consuming. However, with our simple but effective Press Release Management System, your association can publish all of your press releases on the website easily.

You can publish your press release either using our WYSWYG editor or upload a preformatted press release. Either way, it is as easy as using a regular editor, no programming skills are needed.

You can also pre-publish your press release by selecting the start date in future. You can also stop displaying your press release after a certain date by selecting an end date.

Whether you are publishing a press release occasionally or you publish press release regularly, Press Release Management System will make it simple, easy, fun, and efficient.

Showcase All Your Press Releases On Your Association Website
Post Press Releases on your association
       website using WYSWYG editor
Upload Press Releases as PDF documents
Flag Press Releases as inactive for later
      display on the website
Disable Press Release after a certain date