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Your association's Newsletter is an important marketing tool and now you can post it to your website. Bring more traffic to the site and bring more value to your website visitors by integrating the newsletter into your website.

You can either post the html version of the newsletter or upload a PDF file that can be downloaded by your members. You have the option to share the newsletters with any and every visitor by making it a public document or you can restrict access and only make it available for members through password protection. Either way, publishing your newsletter on your website is a simple process through our content management system designed specifically for non-profits.

You can also email the newsletter to your members. Our Email Campaigner (make it a link to the features) makes it easy for you to let your members know when a new newsletter is ready on your website.

Manage Your Association's Newsletter On Your Website
Post the association newsletter in HTML or
      upload a PDF
Email newsletter to members of your
Share the newsletter with everyone or
      restrict to only members
Archive old newsletters