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Membership Management

You can now reduce the amount of time you spend on managing your association’s members. You can automate new member sign up process, payment of dues, and reminders of upcoming renewals.

Gone are the days when you have mail paper application or your prospective members have to print PDF application, fill it, and fax it back to your office.  Now new members can fill out a simple online form on your website. You can require them to pay at the time of sign up or approve their application and ask them to login and pay their dues. You will always get email notification when a new members signs up – irrespective of which workflow you chose for your association.

Your association can setup different levels of membership, each with its own yearly fee. You can upgrade a member to the next level and our software will prompt the member to pay the balance on their next login.

Manage your organization's members, their dues, and their payment history with ease. Members can signup online, update their profile, and access member-only sections.

You can print reports of membership activities like upcoming renewals, new sign ups in last six months or about members who have not logged in since last three months, etc.

Manage Your Association's Members Online
New Members can sign up on your website
Members can manage their information online
Members can pay for their membership
Anyone can search members on your website
Upload member's picture in their profile